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Man on the streets in Time Square in NYC about the " Gun free zone " for legal guns.

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A man comes off the streets and starts mocking the activists and eats Shushka Bob in front of the activists. This is hilarious 😂😆

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If you are interested not only in server users but also in the information sent from VerumSocial, please follow this account.

From the Web UI, there is an item called "Verum info" in the navigation menu on the right side, so you can check the posts of this account from there.

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Highlighted Features

- Custom posts max character size with environment variable
- Full Markdown support
- Media Sudoku (media attachments upper limit increases to 9)
- Local-only posts support
- Quotation support like twitter (QT but not RT)
- An easy-using translation button to translate posts in any language to your mother language with Google Translate
- A bunch of awesome themes
- Enhanced Elasticsearch experience with Chinese words segmentation support

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